When you’re hurt in a serious accident, you may need a settlement from the at-fault party. But that can take time, and you’re already getting letters, calls, and visits from lenders. Now, you may need an injury settlement loan in Las Vegas, but how do you get it? 

You have a chance to get a loan and recover now when you work with Money First Lending. We can offer you the help you need getting your Las Vegas settlement loan between your injury and your recovery. 

What a Las Vegas Injury Settlement Loan Can Do 

When you’re hurt in a serious accident, your expenses often don’t wait. Mechanic fees, hospital bills, and other services are often expected to be paid right away. But your Las Vegas injury settlement may not have arrived yet. 

In these cases, an injury settlement loan can help Las Vegas residents get compensated before their claim is over. That way, injury victims can think more about their futures without the stress of unpaid bills and collection notices. 

Applying for an Injury Settlement Loan in Las Vegas 

But how do you get an injury settlement loan in Las Vegas? Luckily, the process is easy and streamlined where possible. 

First, have you opened a lawsuit against the at-fault party? Already, you’ve taken the first step toward qualifying for an injury settlement loan from a pre-settlement funding company

Next, you’ll need to discuss your loan with the lender and your lawyer. Your lawyer can help you determine how likely your claim is to succeed, which can affect your arrangement with the lender. 

Talk to a Las Vegas Pre-Settlement Funding Company 

After a serious injury, you may need compensation now. But how do you get an injury settlement loan in Las Vegas? Luckily, the biggest steps are easy. With help from your lawyer and Money First Lending, you can get yourself on track to a Las Vegas injury settlement loan and a fair settlement to follow. To discuss your loan, give us a call at 702-623-3333 or complete the online contact form below.