Money First was created to promote responsible consumer litigation funding in our community. We are owned by a personal injury attorney and a former chiropractic physician. Both owners have seen pre-settlement funding destroy personal injury cases. Interest rates and amounts due are not properly explained to borrowers. Attorneys are not consulted. The needs of the case are not considered. This leads to situations where injured victims are further taken advantage of by irresponsible lenders.

We understand consumer litigation funding is necessary for many people — that’s how we got into this business. Injuries can take a massive toll on people. Clients might experience time missed from work, missed wages and tips, medical expenses, trouble getting out to purchase necessities, childcare difficulty, difficulty with bills or rent, and countless other interruptions. We are here to help and we want to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

Our unique backgrounds position Money First to assist borrowers and their attorneys in making sure responsible lending choices are made. We clearly disclose all amounts due in multiple areas of our contracts so clients and attorneys know the details of each loan. We also work with attorneys and clients to make sure all loans are properly vetted and supported by the case. We are here to partner with our clients and their attorneys in difficult times.